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Lunch line

(Photo: Monastics first on the lunch queue.)

Sponsor and Lamas

(Photo: Generous sponsor and Lamas.)

Staff taking lunch

(Photo: Monlam staff enjoying the lunch feast.)

Occasionally, the daily menu consisting of rice, dhal, vegetable curry and chili gravy is different. Occasionally, a generous patron will sponsor a meal for the Monlam staff. Then, lunch becomes a feast, which is a very nice break from the usual fare. The forty-four torma artists, in particular, who work 10 hours or more a day, (occasionally even 24 hours) are grateful of the change. Earlier last week, another private sponsor offered lunch for the Monlam staff.  These acts of generosity are greatly appreciated, especially for the sponsor who receives vast amounts of merit for the offering.


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Drying wooden support boards Cooling butter

(Photos: Support boards laid out to dry; melted butter, laid out to cool)

Lama Gelek and Chopan

(Photo: Torma Lamas)

Karma Wangchuk board

(Photo: Fine artist, Karma Wangchuk, prepares a board for mounting)

On November 3rd, the Torma artists arrived in Bodhgaya. Having trained earlier this year from July to September, they came well-prepared and well-trained. Forty-four artists arrived and will spend nearly a month and a half working for many hours at a time leading up to the Monlam.

Kneeding Ani’s preparing round supports Artist

(Photos: Kneading flour mixture; Ani’s preparing round supports; artist preparing large torma.)

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