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It has been a wonderful 29th Kagyu Monlam. What an amazing gift from His Holiness Karmapa to this world.

To keep the Monlam spirit throughout the year some of us might want to do the Sanskrit prayer regularly. Here are recordings of some of these prayers and the Sanskrit Prayer Booklet with English, Chinese, and Korean translation for download.


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Sanskrit Prayers

Surely we all love the Sanskrit prayers we chant at the Kagyu Monlam every morning. Below bootleg recordings from a previous monlam.


The Kagyu Monlam Sanskrit Prayer text with English, Chinese, and Korean translation can be downloaded here. In the recording above the refuge (p. 26) and the Heart Sutra (p. 33) is recited. Please use the following links to download the prayers.

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The fog was thick at 5:30 am as the shadowy figures on the road made their way to the stupa; even with a torch it was hard to see more than a few meters ahead. A new bright red gate enclosed the area to the site with prayers in many languages hanging from it. Overhead the trees splashed large drops of condensation muddying the narrow paths to the seating area. Let’s say the whole place was dripping with atmosphere.


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