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photos by Filip Wolak

During the Kagyu Monlam free meals are offered by His Holiness Karmapa to the ordained sangha. The food is served in the Nyingma Monastery which also hosts many of the sangha members participating at the Kagyu Monlam. Today His Holiness joined the food service team during the lunch break and helped handing out the food to the delighted monks and nuns.


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In his teaching which continues the 7 Branch Prayer, HH Karmapa described how to make unsurpassed offerings without having great wealth.

From my notes:

If you keep the best for yourself and offer what you don’t want to others, that is not really offering. Offering is an antidote for our stinginess, when we keep things for ourselves and are not able to give them away.
Good causes and conditions is the result of merit. It is we who have to gather the two accumulations. The person who can do that can attain enlightenment. It comes down to our own mind. The offering has to be made with faith and devotion. The environment is a beautiful natural offering to make.
The unsurpassed offering is what beings on the highest realms can make, by emanating infinite bodies from each pore and making offerings continuously. Whatever offering we make we can imagine it is offered to the buddhas of the ten directions.
We can think of one bowl as a vast ocean and offer it. Imagine it is the same offering as Manjushri is making.


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