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by Naomi Levine


On the last of the teaching His Holiness covered the main points of the Lineage Prayer in terms of foot or foundation of meditation, the head of meditation, and the body of meditation.


The word ‘shenlok’ in Tibetan means detachment, aversion or disgust. It’s like when you walk on the street and you step on some shit. That’s it. It is said that if you have attachment to this life, you are not a true dharma practitioner. Attachment to self is not bodhicitta; clinging is not the right view.

A lion will not run after grass nor will meat appeal to a deer but this is not really non-attachment.

At the beginner level of non-attachment we see no use in being attached to this life; at a more advanced level we are disgusted with samsara; and at a very advanced level we are not even attached to peace.

The practice of dharma is not only for this life but for the benefit of the long term. We need to have a vision for our future lives. We need to prioritize. The most important thing is whether something will bring us benefit in the long term. Many people come to the Monlam, especially monks and nuns. They look like sangha members but sometimes they just come for the tea and offerings. If so, that is not meaningful. We come here to pray for world peace.



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