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During the Monlam, His Holiness Karmapa gave us some fascinating insights concealed inside the main teachings, so I collected some and strung them together like pearls to share with you.

The Buddha designated 16 Arhats who would live until the Buddha Maitreya comes and appear as monks to protect the dharma. During the 11th century Atisha made a practice of the 16 Arhats according to the Kriya Yoga Tantra system.


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H.H. Karmapa visits Bhutan 1

(Photo: His Holiness sits for tea on the lawn.)

H.H. Karmapa visits Bhutan 2

(Photo: His Holiness talking with Lama Chodrak of Kagyu Monlam and Lama Rinchen of the Royal Bhutan Monastery.)

His Holiness made a short visit to the Kagyu Monlam office headquarters at the Royal Bhutan Monastery (“RBM”) on November 28. Monlam staff who are stationed at the RBM site spent the morning cleaning and organizing their workspace in preparation for Karmapa’s visit. When he arrived promptly at 2PM, he walked into the main temple which was surrounded by both Monlam staff and body guards and walked across the lawn to visit the torma artists and the administrative office.

With a steady glance around the rooms and nodding in acknowledgment at the staff, he made his way toward the lawn where afternoon tea and snack were waiting for him. The usual bustle of activity including hammering and sawing was altogether suspended and in its stead, a familiar and relaxed silence, something for which the Royal Bhutan Monastery is well known. As he made his exit, His Holiness caught sight of the wooden Tori pillar under construction and nodded.  Job well done?

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Amitayu torma

(Photo: Amitayu Torma)

Gyens Ani’s painting the gyens

(Photos: Gyens or ornaments; Ani-la’s decorating the Gyens.)

Shalzay tormas

(Tormas: Gyens on Shalzay tormas.)

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Heading inside Hotel Mahayana

(Photo: His Holiness with Lamas from Zongkar Choede Monastery to inaugurate the 8th century Tibetan artifacts.)

Kora around the Bodhi Tree

(Photo: Circumambulating the Bodhi tree with Mahabodhi Temple management Monk in Charge.)

Making offerings

(Photo: His Holiness makes offerings inside the Main Stupa.)

Photos by permission from the Tsurphu Labrang and Kagyu Monlam photographers.

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Chanting on Rajgir

(Photos: Shedra monks from Mundgot reciting the Heart Sutra on top of the Rajgir hilltop)

Staff at Rajgir

(Photo: Monlam staff on Rajgir hilltop)

At Nalanda

(Photo: In the ruins of Nalanda)

Several Monlam staff and a group of Shedra monks from Mundgot traveled to Rajgir on pilgrimage, the second place where the Buddha taught the Heart Sutra.

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