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 Dorje Wangyal

 (Photo: Dorje Wangyal returning from yet another trip to Gaya.)

For months leading up to the Great Kagyu Monlam, Dorje Wangyal, a Monlam veteran employee, had been actively gathering supplies, contacting food vendors, picking up deliveries, carrying shipments, coordinating with the 40 cooks he supervises and so on.  With so much responsibility, it would seem that he rarely has time for a break, but surprisingly enough, he takes breaks while working.  He is spotted among his staff folding napkins, carrying boxes of shipments, and serving food.  Truly a hands-on worker, Dorje is a protean man who sees broadly and is concerned with the big and the small.

Hammering vats Weaving teapot handles

(Photos: Hammering food vats, weaving teapot handles.)

The Dining Team employs a large group of staff.  Nearly 150 workers prepare meals for over 4,000 monastics, hundreds of Lamas and Rinpoches and the international pilgrims.  There are also the daily tea and bread offerings at the Stupa for which the staff has to prepare, ensuring that there are enough teapots and bread baskets in advance.  Many from the dining team arrived early in Bodhgaya to prepare materials and supplies and also to help feed the many staff already on hand.


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Teaching at Tergar

(Photo: Karmapa teaches to Karma Guncho monks at Tergar.)

Offering mandala 1 Offering mandala

(Photos: Karma Guncho Khenpos offering mandala to His Holiness)

In his first teaching to the the Karma Guncho monks at Tergar, His Holiness taught Gampopa’s text on the Precious Garland. After the teaching, His Holiness took a quick break (watching pilgrims and gazing across at the view of the Mahabodhi Stupa from the rooftop) before giving a public blessing. While monlam is still a little less than a month away, several hundred pilgrims came to Tergar for a chance to offer khatas and to receive his blessing. Perhaps because he has some spare time left before the rush of monlam, this is quite possibly the best opportunity to receive blessings and make offerings. For those presently in Bodhgaya, public audience is given every other day at 3pm beginning November 20th.

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Watch videos on right.

Heading inside Hotel Mahayana

(Photo: His Holiness with Lamas from Zongkar Choede Monastery to inaugurate the 8th century Tibetan artifacts.)

Kora around the Bodhi Tree

(Photo: Circumambulating the Bodhi tree with Mahabodhi Temple management Monk in Charge.)

Making offerings

(Photo: His Holiness makes offerings inside the Main Stupa.)

Photos by permission from the Tsurphu Labrang and Kagyu Monlam photographers.

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The golden pinnacle of the Stupa, which had been undergoing renovation for a few years now, is finally complete. This photo was taken on November 5, 2007.

tea break At the office Cook Cooks
(Photos from left to right: torma group, Lama at the office, torma cook and his assistants)

Monlam preparations for the 25th anniversary have been under way for nearly a year now and these preparations are quickly gathering momentum. Small groups of staff and volunteers from various departments have begun to arrive in Bodhgaya for the International Kagyu Monlam Chenmo. Beginning December 17 and ending December 27, this year marks the Silver Jubilee.

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